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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I increase the screen brightness?

-Take one finger and place it just off the screen on the bottom of the iPad.
-Drag your finger up from the bottom of the device to the middle of the screen. 
-A menu should pop up. 
-On the top right of the menu there is a line with white and dark. There is a circle on this line.
-Press your finger to the circle and drag your finger to the right on the screen to increase brightness.

2. How can I lock the brightness?

-Exit the Ohana App.
-Open your device “Settings” (it is a grey icon with circular gears inside)
-Scroll down on the left menu till you see “Display & Brightness” tap those words
-A menu will appear on the top right
-Press the white circle and drag it where it is most comfortable, we recommend a bit higher that you’re comfortable with.
-Once you are happy with the brightness level, find the words saying “Auto-Brightness.”
-On the right side of the “Auto-Brightness” area find a green switch button.
-Tap the switch. 
-Now the device brightness is locked.

3. I keep bringing up the control center menu by accident. Can I disable the control center?

-Yes you can by following the below directions.
-Exit the Ohana App.
-Open your device “Settings” (it is a grey icon with circular gears inside)
-Scroll down on the left menu till you see “Display & Brightness” tap those words

4. How to send voice messages over SMS.

-From the home screen in Ohana tap the blue messages button 
-Then tap the contact you would like to send a voice message to 
-On the bottom left of the screen press the “Record” button
-When you are done recording your message, press the red square to stop the recording 
-Press the replay button to play back your recording
-When you’re ready to send, press the “Send” button.

5. Why are video Calls sometimes not working when I call some people?

We use Apple’s FaceTime video calling feature. This requires both devices be Apple iPhone 4’s or later, a fourth generation iPod Touch or later, an iPad 2 or later, or a computer with OS X.

6. How do I see the pictures people have sent me?

There are two ways to see the photos you have received.
1. You can find the received photos in the Ohana Photos in the Photos section of the app
2. Inside the message tab you can select a contact to view your message history. When you tap a photo it will appear in fullscreen and you can see all photos     in the contact chat.

7. What happens to the photos people send to me?

All the photos you receive are automatically saved to the “Ohana Photos” album on your iPad. You can find these pictures in the “Photos” section of Ohana.

8. How do I see my phone number?

In the top right area of the Ohana home page click the button that says “Profile.” You can see you number in the middle of this screen.

9. How do I delete a contact?

Inside the app on the home screen there is a gear icon that says contacts under it.
-Tap that contacts icon.
-In the top right of the contacts section you will see the same gear icon now saying “Settings” under it. Tap that.
-In the menu that pops up in the middle of the display you will find a button that says “Edit Contacts” tap that.
-Now you are in contact edit mode. On the top left of your contact avatar there is a “X” icon. Tap that.
-Confirm that you want to delete the contact in the popup confirmation screen by tapping the red “Delete” button.
-If you accidentally deleted the wrong contact you can click recover over the accidentally deleted contact.
-Once you are done, tap the “Done Editing” button on the bottom of the screen.

10. What is the emergency number for?

The emergency number will be used in a future update to call emergency services. For now, there is not ability to call emergency services from the app. Watch out for future updates when we will release that feature.

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